10 Bizarre Phobias You Probably Didn’t Know About & Rehab Centers



Here are some 10 Bizarre Phobias You Probably Didn’t Know About. Agyrophobics have a fright of crossing a street, highways & other thoroughfares, or a fear of crossings themselves. This, of route, makes it very tricky to live at ease in a town. Many have found themeselves being taken in by rehab centers. The word Agyrophobics  comes from the Greek gyrus which means whirling or turning as the phobic avoids the flurry of traffic. The phobia covers quite a lot of categories, in which victims may fear large roads particularly down to suburban single way streets, and can also consist of fearing jaywalking or crossing somewhere on a street, even a chosen junction. This phobia is considered self-sufficient from the fear of vehicles. Some of these sufferers are often taken to rehab centers where they are looked after until they can walk in the street’s or cross roads again. The rehab centers also take them out on daily group walks so they get used to the atmosphere. They are on heavy drugs and many get addicted to the drugs and then they need to go to the drug rehab centers instead and this causes them alot of distress as they just learnt how to cope with the outside world.

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