39 Amazing Comparisons! – life insurance


1970s-ad-art-totally-looks-like-jayNo need to look like a criminal lawyer with a delicately low home insurance. This 1970’s Ad Art looks like Jay Leno Today. He is an American comedian actor writer producer voice actor and television host. Leno was the host of NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno from 1992 to 2009. It’s the grin and eyebrow that does this one justice.


Sarah Palin looks like Britney Spears. They really do look alike. I think it’s the hair that’s holding this comparison back form being 100%. If Sarah lost a little roundness from her face then that would be in the top 10 at least. Knowing Britney she’d probably make a lawsuit claim and get a lawyer on the case. You’d go crazy if you found out how much Birtiney spends on her life insurance and health insurance. I’m telly you its somewhere in the range of $100,000’s per year! That’s some cheap affordable life insurance right there….. NOT! lol.. sorry, couldn’t help it.


Al Franklin looks like DR Susan Love. I don’t know if Susan looks like a man or if Franklin is really awesome at replicating her. The hair the glasses even the nose look so similar. Long lost twins maybe? Talking of lawyers they both look like criminal lawyers to me.


Mr Miyagi looks like Master Yoda. Mr Miyagi is the bad ass oldie from Karate Kid and Master Yoda is the force within you from star wars. He’s responsible for Luke Skywalkers actions and moves he learns. It’s funny how both teach somebody something and they even look a like too! Both teaching a form of art too! A karate chop vs a Light Saber hmmmm.. better get some insurance on the light saber lol.. Amazing comparison, plenty more though.. 😉 >

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