Top 10 Items Found Up Someone’s Arse


OK guys , it’s up to you what you do in your spare time , but it seems that the new pastime is finding as many weird objects that you can to stick up your arse . Please feel free to call a personal injury or a injury solicitor anytime if you feel like the need to. Some of these patients were treated by professional doctors whilst others faced disputes and claims. Personal injury solicitors , lawyers and attorneys do require you to tell them everything so make sure your personal injury solicitor or lawyer is reputable and has won many lawsuits before.

10. Cassette Tape X ray


Cassettes just sit around and take up space. What do you do with them ? I know , how about shove them up your arse ? Well one person did just that . They shoved one that far up that they must’ve though their anus was a cassette player . As we all know if you had to tell your personal injury solicitor , lawyer or an attorney anything they may need to record the conversation on tape.

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